MHCI Final Project Proposal

Course: COMP6341 Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction


  • Arkaan Nofarditya Ashadi (2101718425)
  • Fiolisya Faustine Ambadar (2101704615)
  • William Raharja (2101731351)

In this project we are to make a construct 2 game that relates to chemistry or biology, the game is meant to be able to help people study chemistry or biology in a more fun and interactive way.



Our idea is to make a maze or puzzle game where the player is put in situations where they will need to calculate or conduct chemical reactions to progress through the game. We intend to implement high school level chemistry into the game, such as Stoichiometry, electrolysis, and other chemical reactions.

My role in this project is to contribute to making the construct 2 game itself the “coding” like aspect.

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