MHCI Final Project

Course: COMP6341- Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction

Project name “Chemical Escape”

Google Drive link of project files:

(Contains Construct 2 files and documentation)


  • Arkaan Nofarditya Ashadi (2101718425)
  • Fiolisya Faustine Ambadar  (2101704615)
  • William Raharja (2101731351)

Images of game


The game is an escape game where the player will need to exit the final room to win the game. At the beginning of the game there is a tutorial to show the player how to play the game. The game will have chemistry related questions or hints that will be spread through out the game.


The controls available to the player are mouse controls, since there will be buttons the player will have to interact with in the game, and as for the keyboard the player can move with the arrow keys and interact with the “E” key.



  • Arkaan
    • Made most of the layouts and event sheets for the game
    • Made the tutorial and level 1 of the game
    • Added events for level 2
    • Debug
  • Fiolisya
    • Gathering or making resources (Images or audio)
    • Made the textures for the sprites and background of the game
    • Searched for free to use audio for the game
  • William
    • Designed the layout for level 2
    • Made questions for level 2
    • Made the documentation


The resources made:

  • Sprite textures
  • Background textures

The resources used from the internet:

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